Where Are We Now?

In the spirit of the “where were you 10 years ago challenge”, how has Atlanta changed over the last 10 years? Overall, Atlanta is currently the 38th largest city, the 9th largest metro area, and the 4th fastest growing population in the US – adding around 57,000 new residents last year.

A lot has changed in the city over the last 10 years – We’ve been in a housing crisis, and have recovered. We have a beautiful new stadium that has hosted the SEC Championship and the MLS Cup Championship, and will host the Super Bowl in February, and the Final Four in 2020. Things are changing in Atlanta, and they are changing fast!

Population 2009 – 5,268,860 (metro area 2010)
Population 2018 – 5.7+ milion (metro area 2015)

Unemployment 2009 – 12%
Unemployment 2018 – 3.1%

Median income 2009 – $59,711
Median income 2018 – $77,382

Median home price 2009 – $129,200
Median home price 2018 – $215,000

In 2009, major projects slowed as the economy and housing market tried to recover. Home building all but stopped in 2009. Today, we still have a relatively low inventory of homes. New projects, however, have dominated the news over the last several years. Two new stadiums, traffic revamping, and various neighborhood revitalization projects are in full swing. Atlanta is on track to continue its growth progression.

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